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"Tip O' The Month"
Check out questions from our peers, 
along with MMC's answers.

Tips O' The Month Topics
Interested in reading other Monthly Tips
Sorted by Topic or Month & Year?
Your search begins here.

Departmental-Specific Data
Benchmarked inventory values, 
turns & expense reduction tips.

Materials Management Staffing
Comparative staffing data, 
sorted by function & bed size.

Value Analysis Information
How much can you save with a 
successful Value Analysis Team? 
Check this page out.

M / M Horror Stories
Everyone has a horror story about
their experiences with Materials . 
Here's a sampling of only the best ones.

Consultant Humor
Yuk Yuk - The laff's on us Consultants. 
We can be a funny bunch.

Should you Stay/Should you Go?
Do you always know when it's time 
to go?  Here are some signs that
indicate when it's time to move on.

Are you Ready to Jump Ship?
Here's a short little quiz to help 
you determine if you're ready.

Bill Gates' Rules of Life
Here are Bill's Road Rules to help
prepare your children to meet the
"Real World".  Some may apply to
the grown-ups in your life, too.

70 Ways To Lose Inventory
Done an inventory lately?  Here are 
70 reasons why your figures 
will never tick or tie.

Easily Misunderstood
The power of the written word. 
Look here to find a few examples 
of how they can be misinterpreted.

Miscellaneous Stuff
Here, you can find useful time wasters.
For example: Funny Employee Evals.
& But He REALLY Means ....

Road Warrior Stuff
Here are some thoughts & tips from
someone who spends WAYYYY too
much time on the road.

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Materials Management Consultants, Inc.

Welcome to the Website and Resource
Center of Materials Management Consultants!


We'd like to share with you some of our best strategies for managing valuable Hospital resources while reducing expenses and improving
overall productivity.

Health care executives, department directors and managers who are
looking for ways to use their resources more effectively will find many
tools and services here. This Resource Center provides:

  • Hospital-specific data to compare your operations against your peers
  • Proven strategies designed to move your Hospital's bottom line
  • A humorous, but true, collection of Materials Management Horror Stories
  • Links to other Healthcare Web Sites for additional resource information
  • Valuable tips to help you through the rough spots, and
  • Much, much more.

MMC works exclusively with Healthcare Supply Chain & Diagnostic Radiology operations improvement. We know from our work that the greatest challenge is to reduce expenses without compromising patient care. The current environment of dwindling reimbursements, managed care contracting & aggressive resource management dictate that we operate under no lesser goal.

We also happen to work with a great bunch of Healthcare Partners, all dignified individuals who are well-versed, respected and knowlegeable in their practices and disciplines. Among the very best are those dedicated professionals found at the Resource Productivity Institute.

We hope you will have as much fun cruising this Web Site as we did in creating it. Step inside, the water's fine! It'll only hurt for a little bit.


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