You have many choices of Healthcare Materials Management or Supply Chain Consulting Firms to choose from.

We recognize this fact and strive to provide you what the others cannot or will not provide:

MMC and its affiliates pride ourselves in prominently displaying our resumes; they are included in another section of this web site.

MMC has "Big 3" experience (down from the "Big 5") without the "Big 3" price tag.

MMC has vast experience "sitting on both sides of the Materials Manager's desk" as a former Director of Materials Management, outsourced & interim Director at multiple facility I.D.N.'s across the country and "hand's on" Materials Management Consultant.
Can other Consulting Firms boast that same claim? Yet, almost every firm, large or boutique, says that they have their own complement of "Supply Chain Consultants" who have never stepped foot inside a Hospital prior to joining the Firm except when Grandma has her bypass.

MMC has the expertise & experience to Interim Manage your Materials Management or Supply Chain Department & help you select & train a replacement Director.

MMC can implement a Value Analysis process from scratch, work with Finance to set targets for each Team to strive for and train all Team members and the Value Analysis Steering Committee on the proper processes, protocols and procedures to follow in order to achieve success.

MMC can conduct a review of your existing Value Analysis processes and prepare a "VAT Scorecard", to report on its relative successes, efficiencies of restructuring and additional cost-saving opportunities for your supply & services expenses.

MMC can perform a skill set assessment on each of your Materials Management Departmental staff and make recommendations regarding additional educational opportunities which would "raise the bar" for each staff member on their Supply Chain competencies and performance levels.

MMC can manage your supply logistics or expense reduction project to its successful conclusion.

MMC has the ability to help you select an alternative GPO, information system and/or supply flow process.

MMC can work with the end user (Nursing, Surgery, Radiology, Cath Lab, etc.) to reduce inventory, eliminate charge stickers & reduce the expenses related to those needless tasks.

MMC can help you move your bottom line.

Leading Edge Service Offerings

In order to effectively meet a Client's needs regarding supply chain and product logistics improvement within the framework of a Materials Management Department, MMC offers the following programs and services:

Affiliated Healthcare Organizations

MMC has a unique perspective in approaching a specific hospital requesting our assistance in resolving its operational inefficiencies. This is an approach garnered from working for & with some of the best healthcare companies in the consulting business:

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