John E. Siedlinski

MMC's President and primary consultant is Mr. John E. Siedlinski. John, currently in his 30th year in Health Care, started his career as a Registered and Licensed Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist at some of the largest Medical Centers in Chicago and its suburbs.

John worked a variety of "graveyard shifts" to put himself through undergraduate (BHS in Health Administration from Governor's State University in University Park, Ilinois) and Graduate Schools (Master's in Hospital Administration from The University of Health Sciences / Chicago Medical School in North Chicago, Illinois).

Upon graduation, John worked at the Illinois Health & Hospital Association in their Management Engineering & Consulting Services division. He conducted time-and-motion and productivity studies in nearly every Hospital Department. He also implemented the GRASP system for Patient Classification at major Medical Centers & Long-Term Care facilities across the nation and was the sales & service representative for the Monitrend for Hospitals Program for Illinois, sponsored by the American Hospital Association.

While at I.H.H.A., John was issued a direct challenge from a colleague. The colleague was Vice-President in a Chicago suburban Hospital, who was faced with fragmented Purchasing, Pharmacy and Central Supply Departments. Each Department had its own Directors and no way of consolidating inventory, vendors, warehouses and staff. The challenge was to create a new Department, to be called Materiel Management, to perform unheard-of cost and inventory reductions in an effort to gain control of supply expenses. The "iel" at the end of "Materiel" suggested that the functions of this Department extend beyond the traditional "Materials" Management into the areas of Courier transport, Patient Transport and supply management on the Nursing Floors. The key was to fully implement a Materiel Masterplan drafted by the noted Materials Management "guru", Mr. Charles Housley, within a five-year time frame.

John met the challenge and, in record time (three years), far exceeded even what the Materiel Masterplan suggested as improvements to the sagging Materiel Management Department. His improvements led to the closing of two storerooms, the use of direct deliveries of film & contrast media to the Radiology Department (via one of the first, fully implemented & successful J.I.T. Programs in the Midwest), selection & the full instaff of an MMIS, implementation of a Product Standardization Committee, reorganization of the Central Supply & Sterile Processing areas and improved product logistics & flow.

After a five-year, highly successful, history at Copley Memorial Hospital, John migrated to Price Waterhouse Coopers, L.L.P.. This move was made not only because of the reputation of Coopers, but also its successes in Healthcare Materials Management consulting. John worked as a protege of Ned Gerber, a manager at Coopers who had a national reputation for his Materials Management expertise. While at Coopers, John conducted Diagnostic Reviews of Materials Management & Radiology Departments in a variety of healthcare settings across the country. He also assisted in the drafting, analysis & presentation of the third (1990 - 1991) & fourth (1994 - 1995) National Surveys for Healthcare Materials Management. The results of these Surveys, termed the National Performance Indicators, have been published in a compendium by the Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM); this publication still remains one of their largest sellers. John also authored a plethora of articles based on the results of the National Performance Indicators, in addition to a variety of speeches & seminars at national and local healthcare Materials Management meetings.

Five years later, John wanted to start his own consulting company; this resulted in Materials Management Consultants, Inc.. Since starting his own business, John has helped many premier hospitals & medical centers identify and achieve opportunities for expense reduction and inventory management as both an interim Director of Materials Management and Project Leader managing the cost-reduction efforts. He has also worked with vendors and hospital supply distributors to achieve the supply reduction initiatives called upon by the Hospitals he works with. They have been fully supportive of these initiatives, in addition to the enthusiasm and "working together" spirit that John displays.

John has been called upon to speak at National Healthcare Materials Management Seminars and invited to author many healthcare articles. For further details on John's education, training & experiences, please see John's curriculum vitae:

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Periodically, MMC may identify a Client problem where outside expertise is called for. In all instances, the Client is made aware of this need and supports the decision to bring in outside help. Outside expertise can consist of professional associates, all recognized experts in their fields, who will affiliate with MMC as the need arises and for which their specific talents or skills may be required.

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