List of Articles Published/Quoted: John E. Siedlinski


1. Hospital Materials Management, December, 1991
"Film Prices Rise"; pages 1,9 - Quoted article.

2. Hospital Materials Management, February, 1992
"Buyers Taking Silicon - Gel Breast Implant Ruling in Stride"; pages 1, 10-11 - Quoted article.

3. Hospital Materials Management, March, 1992
"X-ray Film Scam Hits East Coast; 17 Plead Guilty"; pages 1,8 - Quoted article.

4. Hospital Materials Management, June, 1992
"Materials Managers Clip Contrast Media Costs"; pages 14,15 - Quoted article.

5. Hospital Materials Management, September, 1992
"Hospitals Must Control Unofficial Inventory"; page 17 - Quoted article.

6. Materials Management in Health Care, October, 1992
"Productivity: Finding Methods of Measurement" (cover story); pages 16,20 - Quoted article.

7. Materials Management in Health Care, November, 1992
"How to Standardize Radiology Supplies"; pages 8-10 - Author of article.

8. Viking Land Viewpoint, Minneapolis Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), March 31, 1993.
"Both Sides of the Story: Pro's and Con's of Hospital Inventory Reduction Techniques," Author of cover article.

9. Hospital Purchasing News (HPN), June 15, 1993.
"Networks Portend Leaner Times for MM Operations"; pages 1, 38 - 39, 40 - Quoted article.

10. Hospital Purchasing News (HPN), September 15, 1993.
"Cost Accounting Could Separate Winners From Losers"; Pages 35 - 37 - Quoted article.

11. Materials Management In Health Care, October, 1993.
"Crucial Issues in Critical Care Consumables", Pages 40 - 42 - Quoted article.

12. Materials Management In Health Care, January, 1994.
"A Case of Sterilization Wrap Swap", Page 38 - Quoted article.

13. Medical Products Sales (MPS), November, 1994.
"Hospitals, Suppliers Cautiously Getting Closer: Survey", Pages 7, 9-10 - Quoted article.

14. Same-Day Surgery Newsletter, January, 1995.
"How Can You Cut Equipment Costs In Half? SDS Managers Buy Second Hand", Pages 1 - 3 and "Guidelines For Buying Used Equipment", Page 4 - Quoted article.

15. Materials Management In Health Care, July, 1995.
"Cycle Counting Your Storeroom Inventory " - Quoted article.

16. The National Nursing Home License Exam Study Guide, Chapter 4: Financial Management
"Inventory Control and Purchasing Procedures" - Author of this Chapter, Contributing Author to the Manual. Published by Irwin Publishing, September, 1996, pp. 109-148.
Select questions were drafted from this Chapter to be included in the 1996-7 Long-Term Care and Nursing Home Administrator's Licensure Examination.

17. Hospital Purchasing News (HPN), September, 1996.
"Non-Ionic Contrast Media Off - Patent; Prices Drop" - Quoted article.

18. Materials Management In Health Care, May, 1998.
"So You Want To Be A Consultant?", Pages 32 - 36 - Quoted article.

19. Materials Management In Health Care, August, 1999.
"Keep Your Customers Satisfied By Insourcing", Page 6 - A sneak peek at the AHRMM Annual Conference - Quoted article.

20. Materials Management In Health Care, September, 1999.
"Ten Steps To Effective Insourcing", Page 18 - Co-Author of article with George Y. Hersch, Associate Director of Materiel Management, UCLA Health System.

21. Hospital Network, September 9, 1999.
"Can Materials Managers 'Insource' Their Hospitals' Outsourcing Needs?" - Extensively Quoted E-article, with Excerpts from Speech ("Ten Steps To Effective Insourcing") given at AHRMM Annual Conference, August 22 - 25, 1999. Note: Hospital Network is an on-line Purchasing and Materials Management E-Magazine, located at the following address: The URL address of the article is

22. Materials Management In Health Care, October, 1999.
"Tales From The Trenches", Pages 36 - 38, Quoted article & selected examples excerpted from MMC Web Site - The Materials Management Horror Stories section.

23. Materials Management In Health Care, January, 2000.
"Look Into Our Crystal Ball...", Page 6 - Outline of upcoming & developing trends for the year 2000 - Quoted article.

24. Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN), February, 2000.
"Kimberly - Clark Gets Grip On Growing Glove Market", Pages 26 - 28, Quoted article under the Section: 'Aggressive Pricing, Bigger Bundles'.

25. Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN), October, 2000.
"Give Dot - Coms 'Prime' Scrutiny, Experts Caution", Page 17, Quoted article.
Worth Repeating Section - HPN People & Opinions, Page 27, Included quote.

26. Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN), November, 2000.
"Internet Sites Helpful for Education: HPN Readers", Page 11, Quoted article.

27. Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN), May, 2001.
"Taking Stock of Stents Called More Critical Than Ever", Quoted article.

28. Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN), August, 2001.
"2002 Forecast: Fuel and Paper Costs Guide Product Pricing", Quoted article.

29. Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN), October, 2001.
"Cleveland Quid Pro Quo Troubles Some Vendors", Page 8, Quoted article.

30. Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN), November, 2001.
"Value Analysis Savings", Quoted article.

31. First Moves, January, 2002.
"Swedish Hospital Savings", Quoted article.

32. First Moves, Former contributor to a Bi-Monthly Column: Pocket Finance
January - February, 2003: "One Fiscal New Year's Resolution Where You Can't Lose: Just Do The Math", Page 54.
May - June, 2003: "Keys To Improving Contracts Accountability: Keep That Calculator Handy", Page 50.

Articles prepared, but not published due to space constraints: 
September - October, 2003: "Ten Keys To A Successful Value Analysis Process"
November - December, 2003: "Calling All Contracts: Get Thee To The Repository".

33. Hospital News Pittsburgh, July, 2003: "Small Hospital, Huge Returns", Page 9, Quoted Article.

34. The VANTAGE Forum, Published internally for members of the Vantage Health Care Network;
August, 2003: "Small Hospital, Huge Returns", Page 3 - 5, Quoted Article.

35. Materials Management In Health Care, October, 2004. 
"Et Tu? Investigations May Also Target Hospitals", Page 16, Quoted Article.

36. Materials Management in Health Care, November, 2004.
"New GPO Bill Could Permanently Alter Purchasing", Page 17, Quoted Article.

37. Western Pennsylvania Hospital News, December, 2004.
"Consulting Firm Helps Nason Hospital Experience Dramatic Turnaround", Page 4, Quoted Article.

38. Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN), April, 2005. 
People & Opinions Section: "GPO Accountability - Part 2", Page 66, Letters to the Editor response.

39. Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN), June, 2005. 
 Products & Services Section: "Contract Management Strategies: Pro's Offer More Than 100 Useful Tips To Help You Make A Difference", Pages 64 - 69, Quoted Article.

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