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< 49 Licensed Beds

 50 - 99 Licensed Beds

 100 - 199 Licensed Beds

200 - 299 Licensed Beds

 300 - 399 Licensed Beds

400 - 499 Licensed Beds

500+ Licensed Beds

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A Typical Cath Lab

Once upon a time, procedures now being performed in the Cardiac Cath Suite were completed with little fanfare in the Special Procedures Room by Radiologists and Registered Radiologic Technologists. Then, the Cardiologists wanted to have a suite of their own to complete very complicated catheter and pacemaker insertions. Often, an O.R. suite had to stay available during a catheterization in case the procedure was not successful. This lead to a closer alliance of the Cardiac Cath Department with the Department of Surgery rather than Diagnostic Radiology.

Some basic facts regarding a typical Cardiac Cath Lab:

Typical Inventory Turns

Increasingly, more & more Cath Labs are placing their inventory on some sort of a relational database or information system. This is being done in an effort to expedite the reordering process and make it easier to locate an item. Therefore, an increasingly larger number of Cath Labs are making their data available for comparisons. There is, however, little incentive for the Cath Lab Director or Manager to manage (or even track) their inventory - it's typically expensed to the Department when it either arrives from the Storeroom, off-site warehouse or outside the facility.

Inventory turns in this Department, assuming all products were counted & priced accordingly, can range from <1.0 to over 10.0. The wide variety in these turns figures translates to a day's on-hand of 36.0 to over 365.0 day's worth of inventory (calculated as: 365 annual days divided by <1.0 or 10.0 inventory turns).

What accounts for the wide disparity in inventory turns figures? Not all Cath Lab Departments have supplies on consignment, leading to a higher value of inventory and low turns. Other Cath Lab Departments may have a significant number of their most expensive products (pacemakers, artherectomy & specialty caths, balloon caths, stents, etc.) on consignment and only count the faster-moving supplies.

Targeted Inventory Turns

The Cath Lab which turns its inventory <1.0 times per year is in serious need of some help. They are, in effect, tying up the Hospital's cash on their shelves. Targeted turns of 10 - 20 turns, annually, cannot be realized without full cooperation between Materials Management, Radiology, product manufacturers & distributors and Accounts Payable.

Factors Affecting Inventory & Inventory Turns

Product Lines With The Largest Financial Impact

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