Does anybody out there remember a little bit of Latin from their High School days? This section of the MMC Reference Section is called "Easily Misunderstood" because of the ready temptation to misinterpret something without fully understanding the ramifications of our miscues.

That said, see if you can figure out what each of these two paragraphs are talking about. The answers are as clear as the nose on your face.

The answers will be at the bottom of the page (No cheating!).

Just remember - things aren't always as they seem.......

Example #1

O Sibili Der Deggo,

Fortibus es In Ero,

O Notami,

Demsis Trux,

Sivats Inem,

Caus Nd Dux.

Example #2

Mr. Du - x,

Mr. Nod du - x,

OS - A - R,

C - DED - BD,


Mr. Du - x.

Did you check your answer against the correct ones? Did you just give up & cheat? Doesn't this simple little test tell you something about yourself?

You never took Latin in High School, because you heard that Introductory Spanish was easier

You don't even want to waste a brain cell on this silly exercise

You don't want to look stupid in front of your co-workers

You have a little bit of general apathy today & just don't care

As you ponder your incorrect answers or the fact that you simply gave up on the quiz, see if you can relate this example to an occasion from your work today. Maybe you didn't listen carefully enough to hear what somebody was really saying. Maybe you thought they said something they did not. Maybe you went down a conversation path that you did not need to.

Remember - Listen once; Think twice; Speak once.

Example 1: Oh, see Billy - There they go. Forty buses in a row! Oh, no Tommy - them's is trucks. See what's in them? Cows & ducks.
Example 2: Them are ducks. Them are not ducks. Oh yes they are - See the itty bitty wings? Them are ducks.

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