(Horror returns to Materials Management)


1. WHAT AM I BID? You knew, eventually, that something like this was going to happen. Apparently, the market for

Both gentlemen were promptly led out of the Hospital in handcuffs."

2. YOU MEAN I CAN'T TAKE CREDIT FOR THIS SAVINGS? "The Cath Lab has been managing their inventory - meaning maintaining it on their shelves, reordering up to the PAR that they established, receiving their own goods and putting Some guys just NEVER get it, do they?"

"I was called in to do my typical Supply Chain Operations Analysis in a small Hospital in the East. I usually collect data then Sometimes, the devil you know is better than the devil you don't."

4. SOUR GRAPES "As I was starting my new job as VP of Materials Management, I wanted to see what "Major" contracts f the phone call: Hospital = 1, Greedy and Stubborn Vendor = 0. Have a nice day!"

5. SOUR GRAPES (and I mean that literally!) - PART 2
"I've always said that it's important to never trust an outside contractor in your Hospital, whatever their ultimate job to be performed is. I, once again, proved myself correct during a recent at her if she was ever unlucky enough to require surgery."

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