72 Ways To Lose Your Inventory

Part Two

Inventory errors made by Receiving - continued

38. Receiving personnel counted goods in the vendor's truck & Received them as complete, failing to unload all the goods.

39. Item alaready received on a partial order were not delivered to the Storeroom. Two days later, the same goods were received again by a different employee.

40. In error, the wrong quantity was noted on the Receiving Report.

41. & 42. Receiving entered the wrong item number, creating two errors.

43. Goods were received in the wrong unit (unit of issue rather than unit of purchase). The conversion factor increased the magnitude of this error by tenfold.

44. Goods were delivered & brought to the Storeroom, but the receipt was not documented.

45. Unattended goods which had been received were stolen from the loading dock.

46. The Hospital borrowed items from another hospital. These items were issued & deducted from inventory, but had not been received.

Inventory errors caused by filling requisitions or through exchange cart/par level stations

47. Wrong quantity of an item was picked.

48. & 49. Wrong item was picked, causing errors on two items.

50. User ordered 10 and the issuer, knowing the user's needs, issued 1 box of 10 eachyet left the order quantity as 10. The user was charged, and inventory debited, for 10 boxes of 10 each.

51. The item was not picked at all, yet the user was charged & the inventory was relieved.

52. During a STAT request, items were delivered but no requisition was created.

53. During a STAT request, two requisitions were created - 1 by the order filler & another by the user. Both were relieved from inventory.

54. During a STAT request, the wrong item was delivered. This was corrected by the picker, who did not document this correction.

55. & 56. The wrong stock number was entered. This effects two items.

57. Being out of stock on Size 3 items, they were borrowed from anither Unit's exchange/par cart & relieved from inventory a second time.

58. Excess stock was returned, but not credited & added to inventory.

59. Out-of-date items were disposed of without relieving inventory.

60. During unattended times, Hospital personnel withdrew supplies from the Storeroom without documenting their action.

61. & 62. A note in the Storeroom said,"took 1 box of small items, charge to the E.R.". Storeroom staff guessed that "small items" were Size 3; they were not. This caused an error on two items.

63. The Materials Manager took a sample Size 3 to the Value Analysis Committee Meeting. The sample was not returned, nor was the product issued.

64. & 65. Another hospital returned the borrowed items except that Size 4 items were returned instead of Size 3. The hospital only indicated that the loan had been repaid and, since Size 3 & Size 4 items are the same price, no further action was taken.

66. A Sales Rep picked up all items during a product recall, promising to replace them the following day so that the transaction was not documented. The Sales Rep lied.

67. Data entry incorrectly keys a quantity.

68. & 69. Data entry keys an incorrect stock number.

70. Data entry keys an entire requisition twice.

71. Data entry forgets to enter a requisition.

72. Pilferage & borrowing of items on the Nursing Units leads to an incorrect quantity of items being expensed to the Units or departments with the most problems.

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