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< 49 Licensed Beds

 50 - 99 Licensed Beds

 100 - 199 Licensed Beds

200 - 299 Licensed Beds

 300 - 399 Licensed Beds

400 - 499 Licensed Beds

500+ Licensed Beds

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Typical Inventory Turns

The Storeroom typically turns 14.5 - 18.5 times per year. This translates to having a day's on-hand inventory of 19.7 to 25.2 days (calculated as: 365 annual days divided by 14.5 to 18.5 inventory turns).

The Nature Of The Storeroom

Storeroom Managers have many masters. On one hand, they have routine stock to maintain. This consists of fast-movers which turn over so rapidly that they make the slow-movers look good. Most fast-movers conprise the weekly orders the Storeroom staff fill for ancillary departments and Nursing floors. Most office supplies, copy paper, packs & sterile wrap are considered to be fast-movers. On the other hand, the Storeroom may be carrying Department-specific inventory that serves as "in case" for that Department. In other words, this is backup inventory for that Department "in case" they don't remember to reorder on time, run out of a specific product, have an unexpected snowfall, hurricane, etc.. The "in case" inventory is comprised of X-ray film, Lab reagents and contrast media. Lastly, the Storeroom also carries slow-movers which rarely are requisitioned. These are your 30fr. Texas catheters, red office pens, expired goods, unusual labels, weird forms and strange sutures. In addition, the Storeroom may also carry inventory for a specific Surgeon or other medical staff member. That medical staff member may also have died or left the Hospital a few years ago. This slow-moving stuff just never seems to get purged and thrown away.

Inventory turn targets of 15 - 20 turns, annually, cannot be realized without full cooperation between Materials Management, Radiology, product manufacturers & distributors and Accounts Payable.

Factors Affecting Inventory Dollars & Inventory Turns

Product Lines With The Largest Financial Impact

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