Department: Operating Room

Bed Size Classification








< 49 Licensed Beds

 50 - 99 Licensed Beds

 100 - 199 Licensed Beds

200 - 299 Licensed Beds

 300 - 399 Licensed Beds

400 - 499 Licensed Beds

500+ Licensed Beds

Inventory Amount








Typical Inventory Turns

A typical Surgical Department turns its inventory 2.0 - 3.6 times per year. This translates to having between 101.4 and 182.5 day's on-hand worth of inventory (calculated as: 365 annual days divided by 2.0 or 3.6 inventory turns). On the high end of inventory (low turns), the O.R. could lock its doors and, theoretically, live off its current inventory for about 6 months.

Targeted Inventory Turns

Surgery Managers are an unusually dedicated breed of manager, set apart from the rest of a Hospital's administrative staff. They are constantly juggling the surgeon's demands with

should always strive for increased inventory turns by reducing their need for so many supplies. Inventory targets of 18 - 24 turns cannot be accomplished without cooperation between Purchasing, Radiology, Accounts Payable, the manufacturers and distributor for the products.

Factors Affecting Inventory & Inventory Turns

Product Lines With The Largest Financial Impact

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