How to Know When it's Time To Go

Change can tend to be pretty difficult for many of us, so we often ignore the many signs that indicate when it is time to move on. Often, it isn't until a work situation becomes unbearable that we finally decide that maybe it's time to change jobs. Some of the even-more-stubborn of us (that includes MMC) can't see the handwriting on the wall until we're out the door and realize that something just isn't right. It may take some jolt of physical reality for us to consider that we've been given the almighty heave-ho - Something akin to saying, "Hey - my electronic key card doesn't work anymore!" or "My phone's been disconnected!" or the ever-disgraceful, "Security doesn't recognize me anymore!"

By the time we reach the realization when we wake up tomorrow morning that we don't have any place to go, we become desperate. We're willing to take the next thing that comes along - which might not be any better than the situation we just left.

If you learn to recognize the signs that indicate it's time to leave a job, you'll be able to plan your next step rather than be forced to make a quick move just to get out. That being said, just what are the signs you should be watching for?


Key Personnel no longer ask for your opinion - If you used to be invited to participate in meetings where important decisions were made and you are no longer invited, it may be time to think about "expanding your job horizons". Management may have lost confidence in you. If your opinion is no longer valued, how effective can you be in your role?


You've been passed up for a promotion that went to a lesser-skilled or less-tenured underling - Your Hospital has been grooming your for a better position and has assured you that you are 'the next in line'. But they fill the opening with an outside candidate. Somewhere along down the line, someone has not been totally honest with you. Is this really the type of organization that you want to be affiliated with - that you want to work for? Can you be guaranteed that this won't happen again?


You've gone from a stellar performer to one who can't do anything right - You've always been praised for your work. Now everytime you complete an assignment, even if it's perfect in every way, there's something that the boss just doesn't like.


The Annual Reviews or Performance Evaluations just keep getting worse & worse - You just can't figure out what standard you're being held to.


Plum assignments keep going to other staff.


Your boss says that he / she's open to suggestions - but open to suggestions from anybody but you.


A larger Company is buying out your Company - or, in healthcare, your Hospital's being purchased by a much larger IDN.


Everyone in management seems to be bailing out, or at least "gettin' theirs".


Work's just not fun anymore.


Maybe it's not a bad idea to dust off the word processor, sit down and draft yourself a new resume. Send it to everyone you can think of, including the Competition! Call everyone you know & make it quite clear that you will very soon be available to lend your considerable talents to their Company. Do this on your lunch hour. Use your current Company's phones, computers, printers, print shop & secretarial support. Just don't sit back & wait for the axe to fall. Get busy!

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