This is a listing of current & upcoming stuff which MMC has been, or will soon be, involved with:

1. MMC has just wrapped up a 10-month Interim Management engagement at the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center in Chicago. During that project, we identified about $6.7 million which could be saved through the implementation of a multiple-teamed Value Analysis process, along with a Steering Committee to provide oversight and strategic & financial direction for the various VA Teams. Although the process is slow in starting, the future looks bright for the UIC Medical Center and the amount they'll be able to save to their bottom line.

2. MMC recently spoke at the Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management's (AHRMM) 41st Annual Conference & Exhibition in Nashville, alongside Garrett W. Hoover, President/CEO of Nason Hospital in Roaring Springs, Pennsylvania. The topic of our speech was based on a Case Study and was titled "How a Small Hospital Saved BIG Bucks!". We hope you had a chance to attend this lively and informative session, which was well-attended and worthwhile (based on the 90+% positive feedbacks we received on the Conference Session evaluation forms). For more information regarding the purchase of a recording of this Session from the Conference, you can contact AHRMM directly at (312) 422-3840. Of course, if you just want to know how we implemented the "Secret Weapon" which helped us achieve over $836,000 in savings in just under a year for this 40-bed facility, make sure you drop me an E-mail under the "Contact Us" button below.

3. MMC recently completed a vital project for a start-up company located in the San Jose area of California. It seems that this small company, called Cryovascular Systems, has developed and obtained FDA approval for an important and limb-saving device called the Polar Cath. This device, when snaked into an obstruction in a femoral or popliteal (knee area) artery, has the ability to open and restore peripheral flow to the lower limbs through the use of freezing techniques utilizing liquid nitrogen - which, when converted from a liquid to a gas state, has the ability to become quite cold very rapidly. What does this mean for diabetic patients and those with popliteal artery collapse? They do not need to lose that limb because blood flow is successfully restored! How cool is that? MMC helped the product marketing folks gain an understanding of the Value Analysis process and how products are introduced, trialed and how decisions result from the Team process.

4. MMC will be speaking along with Garret W. Hoover and RPI at the semi-annual Western Pennsylvania Chapter of HFMA on Friday, January 28, 2005. This all-day presentation will be at the Radisson Hotel - Pittsburgh in Monroeville.

One cool and unique thing that MMC is doing at this session is devoting the afternoon to discussions on benchmarked supply chain statistics for the typical supply-intensive locations (inventory levels, inventory turns, supply expenses). These comparative discussions will involve the data that these executive bring from their own hospitals. For registration information regarding the location, agenda, participation fees in addition to the data collection form used for comparative statistics, please click on the red ball here:

We hope to see you & your CEO and CFO at this inexpensive and vital session!

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